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Do scratches on the lens really matter?

Chances are one of the first things you look for in a lens are the dreaded scratches.In the case of repurposing really old Broadcast ENG lenses for the GH4more often than not, you will see scratches on the front and or the back glass. Hairline to trench-like.

The question then becomes is the lens still usable. And, will it affect the final video?

The guys at Lens Rentals did a test to see what it takes to walk away from a lens. Click below: – Front Element Scratches.

Tips & Tidbits-ND Filters

As I write this Tiffen ND Filters will give you the most for your moolah.
The mission is to cut bright light so that you can dial in the lens sweet spot.
I have a .3, .6, and a variable ND Filter.
If you are just starting I would suggest buying a .6 then a .3 then a .9 and finally a variable.

The variable is good, but not as sharp as the fixed filters.  He said with hands-on authority.

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How to Set your ENG lens back-focus

NOTE:  Before you attempt to set Back-Focus an ENG lens on a GH4 first make sure that 2x Extender Switch is set to 1X and ETC is OFF.  Peak Focus doesn’t play well when both are engaged.  Ideally set the Back-Focus in 1x.  It will obviously vignette, but it will be easier to see the Peak Focus.  Also do use a chart.  You can, if you like set the Back-Focus with the 2x alone engaged or ETC turned on, but again not both at the same time.   Joe